Library presentation focuses on Earth Day

By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

NCRL Stem outreach technician Heather Inczauskis was at Waterville Library April 23 for an Earth Day presentation.

The presentation included a game of jeopardy

 Natalie and Chloe Davis search their brains for an answer to an Earth Day jeopardy question during an NCRL presentation at Waterville Library April 23. (Empire Press photos by Karen Larsen)

with questions on topics of environmental preservation, an oil spill activity and a snack of sugar cookies made to look like the earth.


A group of children worked hard to answer jeopardy questions about animals, energy, pollution and symbols. They seemed to find the endangered animals to be the easiest category and were able to guess the answers to all four questions in this category. Answers included a cow, polar bear, American eagle and wolf.

Following the jeopardy game, the children gathered around tables and worked with medicine droppers and spoons to remove a mixture of vegetable oil and cocoa from the surface of the water. To underscore the relevance of the activity, Inczauskis had placed feathers in the basins. After cleaning out the oil, the children had the option of cleaning the feathers with Dawn dish soap, as is done during real oil spills.

Maya DeFord and Deven Schultz work to remove oil from a basin of water during a hands on oil spill activity.


Incazuskis told the children that Earth Day began in 1970. The official date of Earth Day this year was April 22 and according to, this year’s focus is encouraging people to reduce their use of plastics.