Mansfield Food Bank Finds New Home

Mansfield Food Bank volunteer staff: Front left to right: Mansfield Food Bank Director Lori Paine, foodbank volunteer Joe Cooper, and Christian Brock, Back- Left to right: Volunteer Sherri Cooper, Mansfield Food Bank Co-Director Sharon Cooper-Stanifer and volunteer Andrea Rendon. (Empire Press photo/ Adrienne Douke? )

By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

The Mansfield Food Bank has relocated to 22 Main Street in Mansfield. It serves approximately 30 families and provides an important community service. The food bank was formerly located at the United Protestant Church for temporary food distribution. Mansfield UPC, Pastor?s wife Renee Bayless said, ?We were glad we were able to provide a temporary place for the food bank to operate until they found a new place to resume operations.?

Long time Mansfield resident Bob Matthiesen offered his unused second hand store, formerly known as Our Quaint Country Shop, to the food bank for food storage and distribution. ?I am happy to do it. Mansfield needs a place for their food bank and I was glad I had a place they could use for that purpose,? Matthiesen said.

Food bank Director Lori Paine, food bank co-directors Martha Claflin and Sharon Cooper-Stanifer and their volunteers wanted to say ?thank you? to Matthiesen, the UPC, and all the volunteers who come in every other Saturday and help with unloading the food and getting it ready for distribution. ?The volunteer work of filling the food boxes and helping to carry and deliver food boxes for food bank recipients is greatly appreciated by all of us here,? Stanifer said.

?Now that we have refrigeration and freezers, we can offer meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables and salad, plus staples like potatoes and onions, and we always have canned goods and bread,? Paine said, ?We are fully stocked now.?

Christian Brock who comes to Mansfield from Wenatchee to help carry the food boxes to cars and trucks said, ?I love the food bank and everyone who volunteers and comes in, I enjoy helping others.?

?It?s hard work, and important work that benefits our community, we are glad we can do this,? Stanifer said.

The Mansfield Food Bank receives it?s distributions from Costco, Safeway, and Northwest Harvest. Local gardeners are encouraged to plant an extra row of vegetables to donate to the food bank. ?Fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit are always welcome,? Paine said.

Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke | Mansfield resident Melissa Lance receives a box of food at the Mansfield Food Bank at it’s new location at 22 Main Street April 21.

Paine noted that the food bank distributes approximately 3,500 pounds of food per month.

Cash and food donations are always welcome. The Mansfield Food Bank is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization and all contributions are tax deductible for those who donate.

The Mansfield Food Bank operates Saturday morning from 10 to 11 a.m. and future dates of operation will be bi-weekly through the summer starting May 5.

Paine concluded saying, ?It?s nice to be able to store all of our food again, and have a fully stocked cupboard for distribution to our community. Thank you, Bob Matthiesen, for your generosity. We are grateful that the food bank has a new presence on Main Street, we were in need of expansion for our increased clientele.?

For more information, please visit?, email or call (509) 679-1813.