Our College Students

Eastern Washington University

CHENEY — The following students have made the Dean’s list for the winter quarter of 2018. An undergraduate student who earns 12 quality hours and receives a GPA of 3.5 or better is placed on the Dean’s List. If the student has placed a directory restriction on their records the name will not be released for publication.

Bridgeport: Norma Camacho, Miguel Garza-Hernandez, Jesse Gomez, Karla Trejo, Ericka Martinez, Tanya Trujillo, Gladys Hernandez

Coulee Dam: Jennifer Montecucco, Jazmine Sumner, Kayley Duclos, Samantha Turner, Rickyna Sam, Brian Stanger, Ashley Lezard,

East Wenatchee: Diana Chavira-Lopez, Alondra Carrillo-Escalera, Makenna Donaldson, Emily Nolen, Peter Chang, Nathan Fife, Alejandro Zuniga, Rebecca Tarbert, Angelica Garcia-Macias, Jerusha Pech, Johnathan Martin Delcampo, Mayra Zuniga Sanchez, Monica Moreno, Alexia Hayes, Justin Connor, Zayra Camacho, Cody Huguenin, Kenia De La Cruz, Jay Semmons, Conner Hansen, Tyrel Jacobus, Kyle Isaacson, Luke Browning, Abisai Espinoza, Emily Holmes, Sonya Dauncey, Edith Melendez, Gabriela Hernandez

Mansfield: Kyle Jenkins

Waterville: James Schuler, Alyssa Moomaw, Diana Davila