Our Past | 1930: Yard contest then and now

Selected by Karen Larsen

This article, published in the May 8, 1930 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press, tells us that Waterville has a long tradition of having a garden or yard contest. In 1930 it was run by the Civic Club, and now by the Waterville Tree Board. It’s fun to see the various categories and prizes available back then. I especially like the award given to everyone who produces a clean front and back yard by May 15.

According to Tree Board Member Cathy Clark, the board has already been around town and has a Yard of the Month in mind for May. This year’s theme is once again water-wise gardening. Because of the town’s shortage of water, the tree board wants to do all it can to encourage people to design and maintain yards that are conservative in terms of water use. The Yard of the Month contest will run through September. Nominations are accepted in town hall.


Club will sponsor yard contest again

Arrangements for the 1930 Yard and Garden contest, to be conducted in Waterville under the sponsorship of the Civic club, have been undertaken again under the direction of a committee.

Seven classes in which Waterville residents may enter have been listed, and appear on the entry blank printed elsewhere in this issue (I have added these in parenthesis). Blanks must be mailed to Mrs. W.P. Brown before May 15. Prizes have been determined as follows:

Class 1 (Clean front and back yard)—One Siberian Elm tree, delivered immediately to each person showing a clean front and back yard by May 15.

Class 2 (Place showing greatest improvement this year) —Two evergreen trees.

Class 3 (Most attractive yard)—Two fine shrubs.

Class 4 (Best planting or perennials) —Two fine perennials.

Class 5 (Best flower garden)—Flower basket

Class 6 (Best country garden within a radius of ten miles)—Two fine shrubs

Class 7 (Best child’s garden)–$2.50 in cash.

Gardens will be judged in September. Child’s garden in July.

Forty persons entered last year’s contest, which was the first staged in this district. The committee in charge of this year’s contest consists of Mrs. W.F. Schluenz, Mrs. D.J. W. Murdock, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Sumner Mitchell, ex officio.