Our past 1963: Waterville and Withrow School Districts combine

Selected by Karen Larsen

This article published in the May 2, 1963 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press tells of the consolidation of the Waterville and Withrow School Districts. The mill rate represents the rate per $1,000 of assessed property value.


Voters Approve Consolidation of Waterville and Withrow Schools

Withrow and Waterville school district voters approved the consolidation of the two districts at a special election on Tuesday by a vote of 79-45.

The Withrow School District voters also approved the $9,000 tax levy, approximately nine mills, for the new district by a vote of 40 to 24. This was a narrow margin for it was required by law that sixty percent or 38 voters approve the special levy to finance the new district.

The vote in the Waterville school district was 44 in favor of consolidation and 16 opposing it. The vote in the Withrow district for consolidation was 35 for and 29 against the consolidation.

By this vote the two districts will be combined for the 1963-64 school year. The Willow Springs district will be transferred to the Mansfield district. Two teachers will be in the Withrow primary school, grades 1 through 6. The Happy Home school will be closed and students in those grades will go to Withrow school. Seventh and eighth grade students in Withrow will go to Waterville school.

Withrow now has 24 students, three go to Mansfield, 12 are in high school here, and five are in Junior High. There are 19 students in the elementary school grades, 1 to 6 at Withrow.

A new school board election will be called and a new director elected from the Withrow district. The new program will mean that after this year Withrow school district residents will be paying three mills instead of the nine as at present. The other six mills was paid this year by Withrow residents for the bond levy for the new Industrial Arts building here. By next year this issue will have been retired. The total millage tax in 1964 will be 29 mills and in 1965 it will be 23 mills. The school lunch program is expected to be continued at the Withrow school.