Celebration for Mansfield graduates

Mansfield High School’s Class of 2018 are, from left, Rebecca Haney, Dallas Lowman, Christian Vargas and Riley Wisdom. With them are math teacher Ric Bayless, far left, and GEAR-UP Director Lisa Hall, far right. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)


By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Mansfield High School honored it’s 101st graduating class and celebrated the students’ accomplishments in commence ceremonies June 8.

It was a big day for graduating seniors Riley Wisdom, Dallas Lowman, Christian Vargas and Rebecca Haney.

Mansfield’s 2018 graduating class motto was, “There is a Difference Between Standing Out and Being Outstanding.”

Earlier in the week, the seniors participated in their senior walk with GEAR-UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) Director Lisa Hall.

This is Hall’s second year as GEAR-UP program director, and she notes that, “Our senior walk is a chance for our graduating students to walk the halls one last time as Mansfield students. The senior walk also gives our younger students inspiration for their graduations and future dreams, and to congratulate our seniors for their accomplishments.”

After they walk down the hallway, they incorporated the senior Signing Day as a time to announce their future educational plans and celebrate their accomplishments with the student body.

“I love how this event brings the whole school together to celebrate the accomplishments of these students, and how the event also reinforces the desire to graduate and pursue a higher education and career,” Hall said.

Graduations are a time of anticipation and relief, and a time of excitement for students, parents and school staff and faculty. It took years of hard work to get to this proud moment.

Graduating senior Riley Wisdom plans a career as a veterinary technician. Wisdom will attend Wenatchee Valley College to earn her AA degree, then transfer to the University of Idaho where she plans to major in animal science.

“I look forward to the new experience. My advice is to work hard because it will get noticed, and get you places. It does matter,” Wisdom said.

Dallas Lowman plans to walk in the footsteps of his agricultural heritage, and work in local wheat production.

“I’m really happy to be graduating and starting the next chapter in my life working as a wheat farmer. Tractors and trucks interest me, and watching the wheat grow and mature, then harvest is honest and good work, ” Lowman said.

Christian Vargas will attend WVC to obtain his AA degree, before transferring to Washington State University where he plans to major in computer science with a minor in software engineering. Vargas hopes to work for Microsoft as a computer programmer.

Rebecca Haney will attend WVC and pursue a degree in nursing. Her educational plans include becoming a registered nurse.

Senior scholarships were awarded to:

Rebecca Haney: MSF Academic Achievement, Mansfield Lions Club, Mansfield Professional Educators, Marguerite Schmidt Memorial, Mansfield Booster Club, Virgil & Pearl Gustin Scholarship

Christian Vargas: MSF Academic Achievement, Mansfield Lions Club, Mansfield Professional Educators

Riley Wisdom: MSF Academic Achievement, Mansfield Lions Club. Mansfield Sportsman’s Club, Mansfield Sportsmans Club, Mansfield Professional Educators, Highline Grain Growers, Mansfield Booster Club, Ray Lillquist Memorial, Caleb Powers ‘Anything is Possible’ Scholarship, George Wilcox Memorial

Other scholarships were awarded to:

 Ian Minatani: Continuing education, Mansfield Lions Club

Jayden Minatani: Mansfield Scholars Foundation

Katherine Schroeder: Mansfield Scholars Foundation

Ric Bayless noted that, “The Class of 2018 was awarded $18,800 this year, thank you everyone!”

As the graduating Class of 2018 left the stage and went to the school cafeteria for pictures and hugs, the one thing everyone agreed on was that the future looks bright for these graduates, and everyone can finally breathe that well deserved sigh of relief.

As one class moved on to future endeavors, another class moved up to high school from eighth grade. Those promoted were Katelyn Donaglia, Jeremy Haney, Charleah Munson, Braydon Murison, Josh Udell and Haley Vargas.