Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

May 25

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: EZ Access Storage, a boat owner took a boat out to do upholstery work after having left it in storage for about a year and found that a stereo, four speakers, two amplifiers and a 12-volt power cell were missing from the boat. There are no suspects.

Bridgeport, suspicious: Bridgeport Marina RV Park, a man was walking through the park holding a piece of rebar and talking to himself. He did not appear to be threatening anyone. The man was referred to mental health services.

May 26

Orondo, property: Beebe Bridge Park, a deputy on security detail found a gold ring with gem stones inside it. The ring was collected for safekeeping.

May 27

Rock Island, theft: EZ Access Storage, someone entered a motor home and stole a tool box valued at $1,000 and a television valued at $600. There is no suspect information.

Bridgeport Bar, miscellaneous: Highway 173 and McCormack St., a deputy spotted a person for whom there was an outstanding arrest warrant. He tried to chase the man but lost sight of him.

May 28

Palisades, assist agency: Douglas Creek Road and Wagon Road, deputies responded to a report of a hiker who had injured her ankle while hiking along Douglas Creek. The hiker, a 59-year-old Seattle woman, had slipped on rocks and sprained or broken her ankle. She was unable to put any weight on it to hike back up the rugged 80- foot deep ravine. Members of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the Douglas County Fire Department, and the Chelan County Mountain Rescue Team responded with specialized equipment to rescue the woman. They used ropes, pulleys, and a winching device to pull her in a litter back up the hillside. She was transported by ambulance to Confluence Hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

Orondo, marine: Sun Cove Lodge, deputies on marine patrol were contacted by a person who had picked up a boat that had been adrift up river. The deputies took charge of the boat and were able to contact the owner and return the boat.