Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

June 15

Waterville, malicious mischief: 500 block of Moses Coulee Road, a 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle was vandalized while parked in a garage. Cuts were made to the seat, the mirrors were broken and graffiti was written on the motorcycle. Damage is estimated at $3,500. There are no suspects.

Bridgeport Bar, malicious mischief: 10 block of Dezellem Hill Road, an irrigation main line was damaged and valves were stolen off the line. The value of the valves was $175. There are no suspects.

Waterville, harass/threat: 400 block of S. Columbia Avenue, a resident was verbally harassed by a neighbor while trying to take a video of the neighbor putting items on the property line between the two houses. The deputy contacted the neighbor and completed paper work to have him prohibited from being on the adjacent property. The deputy advised the suspect of disorderly conduct laws.

Rock Island, harass/threat: 10 block of Hanna Avenue, the reporting party had received threatening messages on Facebook. The deputy was able to contact the person who had sent the messages and warned him not to do so again.

June 16

Bridgeport Bar, malicious mischief: 10 block of Hill Crest Drive, tires were slashed on a 2002 Suburban and tools were taken from around the vehicle. A toolbox with tools was also taken. After initial contact with the deputy, the victim received a text message with the whereabouts of the toolbox and tools. Still later, the tools and box were returned to the victim. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.

Waterville, animal problem: 200 block of N. Greene Street, a woman who was running with her two children and the family dog reported that two Rottweiler dogs had chased them and had tried to bite them. When she yelled at the dogs, they backed off and returned to their yard. The deputy located the dogs’ owners at their home. The dogs were not aggressive toward the deputy. The deputy provided information to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society regarding the incident.

June 20

Waterville, malicious mischief: NCW Fairgrounds RV Park, the fair secretary reported that sometime in the last two to three days someone had cut the locks off the cash box in the RV Park. The case is still under investigation.

Bridgeport Bar, property: Highway 173, a deputy found an iPhone, but was unable to obtain information about the owner because the phone was locked.

June 21

Bridgeport Bar, suspicious: Highway 173, a damaged vehicle was found parked unsafely on the highway’s fog line. It was believed that the vehicle had been involved in a collision at another location. The deputy learned through RiverCom that the Brewster Police Department had processed a hit and run complaint and that the vehicle in question was the suspect vehicle. The vehicle was removed from the location by a tow company. The sheriff’s office is working with the Brewster police on the investigation of the hit and run incident.

Rock Island, traffic offense: Highway 28, Milepost 4, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy was on routine patrol eastbound when he observed an approaching vehicle failing to dim its headlights. He turned around to stop the vehicle, but another westbound vehicle had gotten in between the violator and the deputy’s patrol car. Rather than pull over for the patrol car, which now had its lights and siren activated, the second vehicle, a green 1996 Nissan Pathfinder, sped up. It turned onto South Mary Avenue. The deputy made the decision to stop the Pathfinder for the more serious violation of failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. The Pathfinder continued to accelerate running through stop signs and reaching speeds up to 80 mph. The driver finally pulled over on Parkway Drive in Rock Island. He was identified as Joshua J. Clark, 33, of Cashmere. He was found to have a Department of Corrections warrant for escape from community custody and felony warrants out of Chelan County for possessing methamphetamine and heroin with intent to deliver and escape in the first degree. He was arrested and booked at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center without further incident. He was also booked for the additional Douglas County charges of felony eluding and driving with a suspended license.