Nelson retiring at Waterville

Waterville Schools Superintendent Cathi Nelson is retiring after 27 years. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Waterville Schools Superintendent Cathi Nelson will retire on June 30 after 27 years with the district.

Nelson’s career with the school started as the fifth grade teacher and during a 12-year period she taught second, third, four and sixth grades. After 12 years of teaching, Nelson decided to get her administration credential. As she was studying for her credential, she worked at the school as a Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA). Her job was to assist other teachers, the principal, the superintendent, and to work on special school-related projects.

After receiving her credential, Nelson became the elementary school principal for five years, followed by one year as K-12 principal, and six years of school superintendent and elementary school principal. At this point she retired, but was hired back as a half-time superintendent.

“Now this retirement is for good,” says Nelson. “The school and board are ready for new leadership.”

When asked what she will be doing with her time after her retirement, she said that she and her husband Larry already have travel plans to see their children and grandchildren. The couple are hoping to take some more road trips and visit some national parks. Nelson also enjoys gardening and reading, and she hopes to spend more time with her friends and family.

The other activity that will keep her busy is her barn sales. Nelson partnered with Sandy Stoddard a few years ago and cleaned out and restored an old barn on her property. The barn sales include larger items such as furniture, antiques and thrift-store type items that are ready for repurposing. They also have a booth at Auntie Bling’s in Waterville.

“I love thrift stores and repurposing items,” she said, “especially when you get them for a good price.”

Nelson says that she has “no regrets” about retiring, but is a little anxious about what life will be like without a career where she gave it her all.