Our Past | 1985: Local team gives all in recreational softball

Selected by Karen Larsen

The following article comes from the June 20, 1985 edition of the Waterville Empire Press. I can’t figure out how the writer came up with the win-loss tally cited at the beginning of the article.


Knemeyers loses controversial game 14-10

Knemeyers men’s recreational softball team has won 4 and lost 2 games in recent play.

Knemeyers lost a controversial game to ComputerLand Monday evening, June 18, by a score of 14-10.

According to Knemeyers Coach Ray Kope Jr., the controversy came in the top of the seventh inning when a non-player for ComputerLand interfered with the ball on a play to home plate.

“Outstanding play was turned in by Jim Browning who made a diving catch in left field and home runs by Mike Johnson and Ralph Reid,” Kope said.

Kope said Knemeyers led the way throughout six innings, but in the seventh ComputerLand added 10 runs to the 10-4 advantage of Knemeyers with an ending score of 14-10.

On May 31, Knemeyers beat the Wenatchee police (team) by a score of 13-7.

Good defense held the opposition to no runs through the first four innings, Kope said.

Knemeyers lost to Mike’s TV in a 14-inning game which became a defensive battle with a 7-7 tie at the bottom of the seventh inning.

The score at the bottom of the seventh was 5 to 7 in favor of Mike’s, then key hits with two outs by Jeff Rock, Don Bye and Darrin Daling tied the game.

The game was then stalemated for six innings with excellent defense by both teams, Kope said.

Four critical base hits by Mike’s TV created the margin that eventually determined the game with Mike’s winning by a score of 10-7.

On June 7, Knemeyers met the Waterville Irregulars in a 22-3 romp which was a lot of fun as well as tragedy as an injury to Bart Miller has put him out of action for the season.

Knemeyers dominated the offense with home runs by Jim Browning, Stacey Rock, Mike Johnson and Bart Miller, and 12 RBIs by the club.

Knemeyers was shut out by Floor Factory June 11 by a score of 10-0.

Tree Top beat Knemeyers by a score of 11-6 on June 14.

The 10-0 win by Joe’s Log Cabin over Knemeyers was sparked with controversy in the fourth inning when a player for Joe’s interfered with catcher Ken Ruud and created an altercation which was squelched by the umpire with warnings to both benches.