Our Past | 1934: Grange baseball game raises funds for picnic

Selected by Karen Larsen

The following two pieces came from the June 7, 1934 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press. The first tells of a baseball game played to raise money for the annual Grange picnic. The second includes a few of the local news items published that week about Mansfield.


Waterville Grangers Lose To Douglas

Under the eagle eye of Umpire Bert Norton, and before a howling throng of enthusiastic fans, the Waterville Grange baseball nine suffered a ten to five defeat last Sunday afternoon from the Douglas team on the Douglas diamond.

The fast-ball pitching of Fred Young, Douglas right-hander, kept the Grange boys baffled and many a batter was retired to the bench by the strike-out route. There were plenty of hits, however, in fact there were several each inning, but a final check-up showed that the Grangers sent too few men across the home plate.

LaGrande Corderman started as the Granger mound man, and was relieved in the fifth inning by Sim Besel. Besel has been working with the Douglas team all season, and his former team-mates found him for plenty of hits.

The game was given to raise funds for the Grange picnic of June 14, and the receipts are reported to be above expectations.

Mansfield News

The Boy Scouts held a special meeting at the home of their new leader, Arthur M. Cope. The purpose of the meeting was to decide a date for their camping trip into the mountains. They will start June 23 and will make their camp somewhere along the Twisp River. Dr. Hill Greenwood will accompany the boys on this outing. This is the first time the boys have had an opportunity to make such a trip and are looking forward to it with great anticipation.

Earl Jordan and Walter Caille spent Wednesday fishing at Park Lake. They brought home a nice string of perch.

Mrs. H.G. Moritz and her pupils of the Fairview school were given a surprise Thursday when a number of the folks in the district came with their baskets full of eats. It was the occasion of the birthday of Mrs. Moritz. The dinner was fully enjoyed by all. Those present were Mrs. W.C. Rommel, Mrs. Hugh Smith, Mrs. W.L. Ross and her mother, Mrs. Pickle.