Senior Awards night in Waterville

Orondo Community Award recipients, Stefani Capi, Alex Capi, Ben Covarrubias, Brooke Simmons along with Scott Shriner (back row) and Mondo Davila (on the right). (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)


By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson
Wheat Wives Award recipients, Alyssa Hanson and Haylee Henson.

On Wednesday, May 30 at the NCW Fairgrounds the 2018 Waterville graduates and their families gathered for their Senior Awards night. Pizza, salad and cake were served at the beginning of the event by the ASB students.

Class awards were presented to students from each of their teachers for “most improved”, “outstanding”, and “hardworking”. This class was described as highly competitive and outspoken, which shows in their high achievements and grades.

Tabatha Mires, high school principal, recognized the third-generation graduating seniors along with the 13 year students from both Waterville and Orondo.

Empire Press photos/ Suzanne Robinson
Waterville Drug-Free Coalition scholarship recipients, Alex Capi and Ben Garnica.

Next Mires presented Erica Thornton and Lexi Deishl with the Citizenship award. Thornton will be entering into the Air Force for six years and was thanked for her willingness to serve our country. Deishl is this year’s valedictorian and has been working on that achievement throughout her school career.

This year’s salutatorian is Jacob Stibal. Academic acknowledgement went to Haylee Henson and Miguel Silva who have completed both their high school credits and college credit from Wenatchee Valley College.

Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson
ASB president, Miles Mittelstaedt leads the Pledge of Allegiance with Tabatha Mires, High School Principal.

GOLD CORD awards were given to students with a 3.5 GPA or higher. This award went to Lexi Deishl, Jacob Stibal, Justine Clements, and Haylee Henson.

Scholarships were then awarded to students and presented by representatives from each foundation. Evonne VanWinkle, retired teacher from Waterville, presented the Jerry Van Winkle Memorial Scholarship to Alex Capi, and stated that Capi’s family has been a part of Van Winkle Orchards for generations.

Thirteen students received the Virgil V. & Pearl E. Gustin Scholarship, presented by Gil Sparks from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington.

Local scholarships awarded included the Waterville Shocker award given to Jacob Stibal; Waterville Drug Free Coalition given to Alex Capi and Ben Garnica; Lions Club, Lexi Deishl and Ben Covarrubias; Wheat Wives, Haylee Henson and Alyssa Hansen; Kellen Bigger Athletic Scholarship, Justine Clements; AgForestry 38, Ben Covarrubias,; Lauren Ludeman Memorial Scholarship, Alex Capi and Lexi Deishl; Ralph and Clara Betcher Scholarship, Ben Garnica and Jacob Stibal; Orondo Community Scholarship, Stefani Capi, Alex Capi, Brooke Simmons, and Ben Covarrubias; Waterville Teachers Leadership Council, Lexi Deishl; Masonic Lodge, Alex Capi, Justine Clements, Lexi Deishl, Haylee Henson, Miles Mittelstaedt, and Jacob Stibal; Philimathic Club local went to Haylee Henson and National went to Brooke Simmons; P.E.O. Chapter Z scholarship, Haylee Henson and Girls Scouts of Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho cookie program went to Alyssa Hansen.


Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson
Lexi Deishl, Valedictorian, and Jacob Stibal, Salutatorian.