Students promoted to high school

Melissa Vela receives the Silver Reading Ticket Award from Principal Tabatha Mires. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)


By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Associated Student Body Vice President Braxton Jessup addresses the eighth grade class. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Students in?Waterville?s?eighth grade class were welcomed into high school?during a?promotion ceremony on June 7.

The ceremony was led by Principal Tabatha Mires.

Members of the class of 2022 are Mario Capi Maldonado, Macy Cory, Emma Defrate Bosch, Seantel Foster, Gavin Haight, Benjamin Hanson, Johnna Hope, Jack Katovich, Joslyn Lucero, Mateus Mullen, Henry Munson, Ella Osborne, Rylie Shook, Sage Smith, Melissa Vela and Bailey Viebrock.

Ben Hanson receives a class award from teacher Samantha Fletcher as Joslyn Lucero looks on. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Henry Munson, class president, lead the group in the Pledge of Alliance, followed by an address to the class written by Associated Student Body President Ali Mires and delivered by Braxton Jessup, ASB vice president.

Awards were given to the students by their teachers for the individual classes along with the Principals?Citizenship Award and the President’s Education Award.

Melissa Vela and Bailey Viebrock were awarded the Principals Citizenship Award. Viebrock was also awarded the President?s Education Award along with Jack Katovich.

The President’s Education Award goes to students who earn at least a?3.5?grade-point average and who score highest on the standardized tests.

Each student was presented with a certificate of completion of?eighth grade by teachers Samantha Fletcher and Mia Thomsen, along with school board members Misty Viebrock and Joel Harding.