District 4 Auxiliary holds social

Participants at the Douglas Couinty Fire District 4 Auxiliary summer social work on a craft project. (Empire Press photo/Darlene Paterson)


By Darlene Paterson
Empire Press Correspondent

Jennifer Oatey opens the Douglas County Fire District 4 Auxiliary social event on Aug. 6. President Sharon Podlich is seated in front. (Empire Press photo/Darlene Paterson)

Douglas County Fire District 4 Auxiliary met for a summer social on Aug. 6 at Sun Cove?s Club House.

All interested Orondo community members were invited. The event included refreshments, a craft and information about the auxiliary.

The meeting opened with Jennifer Oatey, wife of Fire Chief Jim Oatey, explaining the purpose of the auxiliary. President Sharon Podlich introduced Vice President Dee Shriner and Treasurer Ann Cooper to the group of 18 attending.?Many were new and interested in what the auxiliary does.

?What we do as an auxiliary,? Oatey said, ?is support our volunteer fire department. We show up on a regular basis to provide meals for their training sessions. We celebrate their successes. We help with special projects such as providing refreshments for the Santa Open House in December. Basically we support our firefighters with any need that comes up. We want to be there for them and their families.?

?If you are interested in joining us, we have application forms available and we welcome new members,? Podlich added. ?The auxiliary meets three or four times a year for planning meetings but most of our time is spent in meeting the needs of our firefighters.?

?Some of our guys are nearing retirement age so we are always on the lookout for new volunteers for the fire department as well as new people for our auxiliary,? Podlich added. ?We are fortunate to be part of a recruitment grant administered by Brandon Asher out of Chelan.?

Podlich continued to?explain some of the things the auxiliary typically does each year. In addition to providing meals for quarterly training sessions and refreshments for the Santa Open House, the auxiliary stocks their three fire stations with beverages, snacks and ice; delivers beverages and meals to the scene of active fires; operates an educational booth at Sun Cove?s July Fourth activities; hosts an end of season?barbecue at Station 1 in September or October; and organizes a holiday dinner for volunteers and their families in December.

The auxiliary started in November of 2012 with the purpose of assisting volunteer firefighters as they worked to meet training requirements and helping them with needs during fires. Marcia Kindig served as president for the first two years. Podlich has served as president since 2014.

Fire District 4 covers a large area stretching from the Turtle Rock area of East Wenatchee to Beebe Bridge and on up toward Mansfield. They operate three stations. Station 1 located in Orondo proper, Station 2 across from Barber Road and Station?3 slightly north of Greens Canyon Road close to Lone Pine Fruit.

Following the auxiliary presentation, Oatey explained the craft they would be making. Next attendees took a break for refreshments, sign-ups and fellowship.

Following the craft time, auxiliary members made plans for the upcoming barbecue and began preliminary plans for holiday activities.

?This has been a very productive meeting,? Podlich said. ?Usually about four people show up at our meetings, though more are available to help out when needed for events. It is really great to have all these new people interested and signing up to volunteer. This will be a big boost for our auxiliary,? she concluded.

For more information about District 4 auxiliary activities, visit their Facebook page, ?Orondo Fire? or ?Orondo Firefighters Association.?