Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

July 21

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: 10 block of Indiana Avenue, a firearm was missing from a vehicle. It is unknown when it was taken. There are no suspects or leads.

July 26

Waterville, prowler: 200 block of N. Chelan Avenue, two individuals were cited for malicious mischief in the third degree for breaking a window of a van and damaging the trim. They were not taken into custody.

Bridgeport Bar, property: Highway 173, Milepost 10, a wallet was found and sheriff’s office personnel are attempting to locate the owner.

Bridgeport, burglary: 300 block of 13th Street, a woman reported that she and her fiancé had allowed a friend to move into their rented residence. She approached the friend for help in paying a utility bill and the friend began posting threatening messages on Facebook. The woman believed the person had also damaged and sold some of their property. When the deputy arrived, he found that the person had packed up his belongings and left the residence. A scooter was the only item that could be identified as missing. Sheriff’s office personnel are working with the woman to obtain copies of the Facebook postings.

July 29

Palisades, burglary: 1100 block of Palisades Road, a man was working around his property and had left the doors of his tool shed open. When he returned to the shed, he saw that there was a silver Audi with an Oregon license plate parked in his driveway. Two men were in the vehicle and one had a gas container on his lap that the resident recognized as belonging to him. The men said that they just needed some gas. The resident then noticed a pressure washer that belonged to him on the back seat of the vehicle. When the driver saw that the resident noticed this, he drove away. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle. The pressure washer was valued at $300.

July 31

Orondo, theft: 200 block of N. Shore Drive, there was a report that a resident had hooked up his sprinklers to a fire hydrant. The resident was contacted and the deputy noticed an RV hooked up to the fire hydrant. The resident said that he was just concerned about how to protect his property from nearby wildfires. The man disconnected the RV from the hydrant.

Aug. 1

Rock Island, harass/threat: there was a report of a man on a tractor threatening people. The case is still under investigation.

Rock Island, suspicious: 5600 block of Rock Island Road, a woman looked out of her window and saw a vehicle with two men in it parked in her driveway. She obtained the license plate. The vehicle had left by the time the deputy arrived and it could not be located in the area.

Waterville, vehicle theft: 100 block of W. Locust Street, a man parked his 2002 blue Chevy Silverado in the alley behind the Douglas County Historical Society Thrift Shop and left the key in the ignition while he went into the shop. When he returned 10 to 15 minutes later, the vehicle was gone. The sheriff’s office has some suspect information and is investigating the case.