Reid family wins Yard of the Month

The Reids ? Brooke, Wendy, Codee, Ben and Ben Jr. ? in the family’s new leisurely seating area of their yard. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)


By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

New deck area around the Reid home. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

The Waterville Tree Board has chosen the yard?of Ben and Wendy Reid on the west side of North Jackson Street as the July Yard of the Month.

According to the Waterville Tree Board,?many additions and improvements were made to the yard over the summer and it caught the attention of Tree Board members Bruce and Cathy Clark and Dale Loebsack.

The Reids have lived in the large farmhouse for 12 years. After battling weeds for many years, they decided to dig out a large area of the yard, put down weed barrier and fill it in with gravel. This made a nice, weed-free area for?a swing set, play area, raised garden and a?seating area.

They have also added a deck area onto their house which provides a great place for entertaining friends and relatives.

The Reid family’s new yard and play area. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Ben Reid says he cannot take?credit for building the deck, but he?offered “go-to” and other?assistance for Ryan Ashley, who he credits for the addition.

Wendy Reid explained that they have given up on?the grass and just water the weeds?? which?have turned?mostly to clover?? to keep it green. They mow the weeds when needed.

Most of the improvements in the yard were made by the entire family. When the gravel arrived, everyone was out spreading?it and having a great time. The children?enjoy their new playground area and picking strawberries from?the raised garden.

It really is low maintenance now,?according to?Reid, and they are glad to have it done.

The Waterville Tree Board names a Yard of the Month every month from May to September, focusing on yards that demonstrate water conservation. Nominations?may be made at town hall.