Stats released for Waterville swim team

8/23 Correction: Swim team points

The story “Stats released for Waterville swim team” on Page 7 in the Aug. 16 issue of Douglas County Empire Press included incorrect information about the Waterville H2O swim team season point total for Branson Barnes.?He had 111 individual points for the entire season which placed him first in the boy’s age 8 and younger division.


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Waterville H2O swim team members Kaneem Island, Kahle Daling, Kenley Daling and Alivia Hosford. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Statistics have been announced for Waterville’s H2O swim team for the 2018 summer season.

For for the all-league championship meet on July 28, individual swimmers? points are:

Boys (age 8 and under):?Branson Barnes, 17 points; Wyatt Williams, 14; Timothy Tonseth, 12; Parker Graden, 4; Konner Kendrick, 4; and Ty Nelson, 4

Girls (8 and under):?Alex Palmquist, 14 points; Charlotte Lucero, 8; Millie Brown, 4;?and Elsa Ashley, 3

Boys (9-10):?Nathaniel Clune, 3 points; Benjamin Regallie, 3; and Collin Graden, 3

Girls (9-10):?Finley Brandt, 6 points; Hanna Nelson, 5; Holly Finkbeiner, 4;?and Rylann Lewis, 3

Boys (11-12):?Spenser Hill, 9?points; and Hans Tonseth, 8

Girls (11-12):?Kellee Kendrick, 8 points

Girls (13-14):?Kaylee Norton, 10 points.

Boys (15 and older):?Cooper Hill, 10 points

Girls (15 and older):?Julia Tonseth, 3 points

For the entire season the individual points for the H2O swimmers are:

Boys (8 and younger):?Branson Barnes, 111; Wyatt Williams, 70 points; Kahle Daling, 69; Ty Nelson, 55;?Timothy Tonseth, 31; Fletcher Brandt, 19; Duke Hutchinson, 7; Konner Kendrick 5;?and Parker Graden, 5

Girls (8 and younger):?Alexis Palmquist, 104 points; Brook Kopta, 41; Kynlee Daling, 39; Millie Brown, 37; Elsa Ashley, 30; Charlotte Lucero, 16; and Lauren Adams, 1

Boys (9-10):?Nathaniel Clune, 39 points; Kyler Poff, 20; Benjamin Regallie, 15; Connin Graden, 10; Deven Schulz, 6; and Cade Hill, 6

Girls (9-10):?Hanna Nelson, 77 points; Finley Brandt, 73; Holly Finkbeiner, 39; Mya DeFord, 36 pts, Rylann Lewis, 34;?Rosemary Holcomb, 8; Addison Hutchinson, 6;?Kaycie Poff, 2; and Aven Davis, 2

Boys (11-12):?Hans Tonseth, 61 points; Spencer Hill, 42;?and Karter Poff, 6

Girls (11-12):?Elise Munson, 56 points; Kellee Kendrick, 40; Madyson Regallie, 30;?and Caroline Petersen, 25

Boys (13-14):?Kaneem Island, 25 points

Girls (13-14):?Kaylee Norton, 45 points; Zoey Landon, 35

Boys (15 and older):?Cooper Hill, 10 points

Girls (15 and older):?Julia Tonseth, 45 points