Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Aug. 30

Bridgeport Bar, theft: 100 block of Sage Street, license tabs went missing from a vehicle sometime between July 18 and Aug. 22. It is not known how this happened.

Rock Island, no injury accident: Piepel Premium Fruit, a garage door was knocked off its hinges. Based on tire marks, it was apparent that this had occurred by a hit-and-run driver. There are no suspects or witnesses.

Aug. 31

Rock Island, theft: 10 block of Riverside Place, a fifth-wheel trailer that was being kept in storage was entered sometime between July 11 and Aug. 29. Exterior cargo doors were opened, apparently with a key that fit. A hose, hose fittings, lawn chairs and other RV accessories valued at approximately $700 were taken. There are no suspects.


Sept. 1

Waterville, no injury accident: 500 block of Moses Coulee Road, a deputy responded to a report of a semi-truck hauling hay that had tipped over. When the deputy arrived, the vehicle was gone. He found skid marks and hay in the roadway and concluded that the semi had probably just lost some of its hay and had not actually tipped over.

Bridgeport Bar, animal problem: 500 block of Highway 173, a dog was attacked by two pit bulls and needed veterinary attention. The pit bulls and the residence they came from were identified. The deputy made three unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner. The case has been forwarded to Bridgeport Animal Control for follow-up.


Sept. 2

Waterville, malicious mischief: 400 block of Green Street, two tires on the driver’s side of a vehicle were punctured. There are no suspects or leads.


Sept. 3

Bridgeport, trespass: Road 26 NW and Road A NW, a hunter was cited for second-degree trespass.

Bridgeport, burglary: 2600 block of Highland Drive, a laptop, jewelry and binoculars were stolen from a residence. Upon investigation, it appeared that one of the doors of the residence could be easily manipulated to open, and it was believed that this is how the burglar entered. There are no suspects.


Sept. 4

Orondo, injury accident: McNeil Canyon Road, Milepost 1, Douglas County deputies and fire personnel responded to a single semi-trailer accident. The semi, which was hauling fruit in a refrigerated cargo trailer, was unable to negotiate a curve in the roadway, losing control and ultimately coming to rest at the bottom of the ravine. The single occupant was identified as Dwayne J. Philp, 43, of Kennewick. Philp was trapped in the cab of the semi and was extricated after several hours of continuous work from fire and rescue personnel. He was airlifted to Confluence Health/Central Washington Hospital for medical care.

Rock Island, burglary: 5300 block of Riverside Drive, an old house used for storage, a camp trailer and a small tool shed were entered. Power tools, hand tools, a compressor, a battery and a Suzuki ATV 4 X 4 were taken from the old house and from the tool shed. There are no suspects.

Bridgeport, animal problem: Fisk Avenue and 18th Way, a man was walking when he was attacked by a medium-sized white dog with a pink collar. The dog bit the man on one leg, and when he tried to kick the dog away, it bit him on the other leg. The man was transported to Three Rivers Hospital and was treated there. The deputy went to the place where the attack had occurred but was unable to locate the dog. He questioned several residents of the area and none of them knew of a dog that fit the description.


Sept. 5

Bridgeport Bar, assault: 100 block of Pine Street, a woman slapped another woman in the face and was cited for fourth-degree assault.

Bridgeport Bar, suspicious: 100 block of Cross Street, a person had repeatedly received text messages from an unknown number over the past month saying that he owed money. The deputy called the number, but only reached a generic voice message.