Shocker girls defeat Oroville

Alex Poppie, Meredith Mittelstaedt, Ali Mires, Codee Reid, Ariana Salcido and Sarah Mullen in varsity play against Oroville. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

The Shocker junior varsity team is in action against Oroville. Shown are Bailey Viebrock, Jordan Adams with the dig, Eliana Silva and Ella Osborne. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Waterville/Mansfield Shocker volleyball teams both captured?victories Sept. 18 on the home court against Oroville.

The Shocker junior varsity team started play and had a good showing, winning their match 2-1.

Waterville/Mansfield took?the first set 25-16. In the second set, the Hornets played strong and fast winning 25-19. The third set, which is the deciding set of the match, is played to a score?of 15. Both teams played well with several ties. The Shockers came through in the end and won the third set, 15-13, and thus the match.

The Shocker varsity team?was victorious in the best of five sets, 3-2.

The first and the second?sets were won by the Shockers, 25-16 and 25-23. The Hornets captured the third and fourth sets,?17-25 and 21-25. The fifth?set is only played until one team?reaches 15 points. The Shockers?won this?set, 15-10.

The teams were very evenly matched in skill and height. There were some great plays?by both teams throughout the match, and some volleys that reached a count of 30.

Head coach Melissa Flaget said, ?With having to play all five game we were able to have all the girls get in good playing time. Claire Ashley, a sophomore, was the Shockers’ libero.?

A libero is a designated player, primarily for defense,?who wears a different colored jersey and can only play in the back row. The libero is limited in her plays?in that they?cannot block or hit the ball when it is above the net.?This player can serve the ball, and does not need to check with an official when going in to replace a back row player.

The Shockers played at Manson on Sept. 20 and lost 0-3.

Both teams were on the road Sept. 25 to face Brewster. The Shockers play at home Sept. 27 against Almira-Coulee-Hartline. Varsity play begins at 6:30 p.m.