Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to open new clinic

By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Eagle Rock Physical Therapy in Brewster will soon open a new office in Okanogan. Dr. Shawn Isenhart will expand his practice to 2590 Elmway in Okanogan with a grand opening to be announced.

Eagle Rock Physical Therapy opened its doors in March 2015 to serve residents of the greater Brewster area.

Isenhart watched his dad, Dr. Mike Isenhart, work long hours at his veterinary clinic in Brewster. Even though he loved animals, Shawn knew a veterinary practice was not for him.

“I like to get my sleep at night, and a vet’s schedule doesn’t allow for that. I remember my dad making calls all hours of the night, and still work the next day,” Isenhart said.

Isenhart remembers a severe hand injury that led him to his profession.

“I got a serious hand injury that required extensive surgery, and I did physical therapy five days a week for several months. I was impressed with how much it improved my surgical outcome, so I decided to pursue physical therapy as a career,” said Isenhart.

He attended Eastern Washington University and graduated with a degree in biology. Isenhart then completed his doctorate in physical therapy from Azusa Pacific University in California. He spent his first five years as a physical therapist working in the Tacoma area, allowing him to receive special training in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.

Eagle Rock Physical Therapy includes a dynamic staff where laughter is an important part of the treatment.

“We enjoy our work, and together we all are making a difference in people’s lives. It’s a wonderful job, watching our clients heal and get their lives back,” said receptionist Hilda De La Paz.

“I am so glad they are here,” said patient Roberta Lechner. “The physical therapy has made a big difference for me.”

Physical therapist aide Santos Hernandez enjoys helping people reach their goals. “There is nothing physically impossible when you decide to set your mind to it,” he said.

Physical therapy uses specific exercises to strengthen, improve and heal patients with muscle and joint injuries, and pain. “But you’ve got to do the exercises,” Isenhart emphasized.

“I’ve been working in this field for eight years and I know I made the right choice,” said physical therapist assistant Julie Buttelo. “Working in this office, with our great staff and clients is a perfect fit, and I enjoy my job. I love making a difference in people’s lives through physical therapy.”

Each day a new quote is posted on a board encouraging clients to do their best and try their hardest.

After exercises are complete, patients receive a cooling ice pack and nerve therapy to stimulate healing. Registered massage therapist Shannon Hampe rubs down tight muscles to enhance relaxation.

Physical therapy is a good option to consider before surgery, as well as post-surgery for better outcomes.

For more information, contact Eagle Rock Physical Therapy at 689-4301 or visit eaglerockphysicaltherapy.com.