Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Nov. 11

Orondo, theft: 10 block of Corral Creek Drive, a unit of 16 mailboxes, along with the concrete pad it was bolted to, was taken from the location. The deputy found tire tracks, shoe prints and fresh dirt marks where the concrete pad had been. It looked like the pad had been yanked out by a vehicle. It is not known if the boxes contained mail. The total value of the box unit and the concrete pad are estimated at $1,000. There are no suspects.

Orondo, property: Orondo Market, a black wallet with an identification card, bank cards, a Social Security card and several other documents was lost in the side parking lot.

Nov. 12

Rock Island, burglary: a person entered an unlocked garage and took two fleece jackets, while leaving a sweatshirt behind. Video surveillance footage identified the person as Nathan Crowell, 40, of Rock Island. Crowell had fled from a Douglas County deputy on Nov. 8 in Rock Island. He was arrested on warrants and on charges of theft and booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center.

Rock Island, property: a person lost a phone between Lincoln Rock State Park and his or her residence.

Waterville, malicious mischief: 2000 block of Road 3 S.W., on Nov. 7 a resident found that garbage was dumped near his driveway and his mailbox damaged. The man cleaned up the garbage and fixed the mailbox. Someone returned to the location and pried the mailbox open. It was not known if there was any mail in the box at the time.

Bridgeport, disturbance: 900 block of Columbia Avenue, a woman reported that another woman had come to her door and assaulted her when she opened it. The victim had scratches on her forehead, face, upper chest and left arm. She had a shoe print on her pants. The woman said that while she was being assaulted her husband pried the assailant off her and she fled in a vehicle. The Brewster Police Department assisted in contacting and detaining a suspect. Maribel Saucedo-Mercado, 30, of Brewster, was booked into the Okanogan County Jail on charges of fourth-degree assault and residential burglary.

Nov. 13

Bridgeport, animal problem: 1700 block of Fisk Avenue, a boy was being pulled on his skateboard by his dog. As he passed a residence another dog came up to this dog and tried to bite it. The dog that had approached them ran away and the boy’s dog chased it, causing the boy to fall off his skateboard and injure his shoulder. The owner of the dog could not be identified.

Nov. 14

Orondo, malicious mischief: Auvil Fruit, someone attempted to enter a set of mailboxes for the orchard worker residences. It didn’t appear that the person succeeded in opening any of the mailboxes.

Rimrock, burglary: Mesa Drive and Sagebrush Drive, after being away from a piece of property for three weeks, a couple returned and found that a lock had been cut off a storage building. A saw and a generator were taken from inside the building. There are no suspects.