Fellowship, movie at Orondo church

Members and constituents of Orondo Community Church gather Nov. 17 for food and fellowship prior to a showing of the movie “Do You Believe?” Family movie night will be held again in January. (Empire Press photo/Darlene Paterson)


By Darlene Paterson
Empire Press Correspondent

Members and constituents of Orondo Community Church gathered Nov. 17 for food, fellowship and to watch a movie.

The group gathered at 3 p.m. for a meal in the basement multi-purpose area and a time for socializing. The 15 attendees then gathered in the sanctuary to watch the inspirational movie “Do You Believe?”

Both the Anglo and Hispanic congregations attended the event and enjoyed “fellowshipping” together.

“This is something I have had on my heart to do,” Pastor Bill Lane said. “I shared the idea with my board of elders and we decided to try it. We are calling it family movie night.”

The church purchased a large banner which they placed in front of the church to advertise the event.

“Our goal is to do this once a month,” Lane said. “We won’t have it in December because it is such a busy month for everyone, but we’ll start up again in January.”

The banner will be hung in front of the church the weekend prior to each month’s event.

Family movie night is designed for the entire community and everyone is welcome to attend.

“We were hoping to have more people attend tonight,” Lane commented. “But that’s okay. Many of our own families were out of town. We will have to build up slowly. Hopefully people will begin to notice that movie night is coming up again and want to try it.”

The movie nights are planned on Saturdays, starting with the fellowship time at 3 p.m.

“We previously tried having a movie night at 7 p.m. but did not get much response,” Lane said. “So we decided to do it earlier in order for people to get home at a decent hour.”

The hope is that many families as well as couples and singles will attend.

“Our goal is to encourage family togetherness and fellowship between community and church members,” Lane declared. “There are so many good Christian movies coming out now. Having an opportunity to share movies that will be an encouragement and keep people growing in their faith is our desire.”

“It was nice to have some of the Hispanic congregation that meets here on Sunday afternoons attend tonight,” Lane continued. “I am going to look into getting movies with Spanish subtitles so they can better follow along. With our large Hispanic population in the area, it will be a great outreach if we can do that,” he said.

“We hope to reach out into the community and say to them, ‘Hey, you have a place to come.’ This building is for everyone, for the whole community to use, to come together,” Lane concluded. “That is our ultimate goal.”