News From Our Past

From the pages of The Wenatchee (Daily) World and the Douglas County Empire Press


100 years ago — 1918

  • Mansfield came up with a novel way to meet its war bond quota. Some members of the bond committee started shooting dice in the middle of main street. A large crowd gathered and the marshal came along and arrested everyone. They were told to appear in court Monday morning where they were fined for gambling. The fine was rescinded with the understanding they all take out a Liberty Bond, which they did. As a result, the town went over the top in its war bond sales.


50 years ago — 1968

  • Two government farm agencies will move next Thursday into their new $40,000 building east of the Waterville Post Office. They are the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, now in rented quarters a block west of the new building, and the Soil Conservation Service, now a block north of town hall. ASC Manager Curtis Comstock said moving week will disrupt office operations. He said he would appreciate farmers limiting their office visits to absolutely essential matters as the staff won’t be able to help with detailed work during the week.


25 years ago — 1993

  • Mayor Dawn Collings paid tribute to past council members and mayors during a brief groundbreaking ceremony Saturday at the site of East Wenatchee’s new city hall. Collings, along with East Wenatchee council members Jan Nash, Peggy McArthur and Dennis Hendricks, took turns shoveling dirt at the new city hall site located on four acres on 9th Street N.E. across from Eastmont Junior High. The property was once the location of the old Eastmont Elementary School which was torn down several years ago. Collings said an old brick from the school would be displayed in a special place in the new city hall to recognize the property’s history. The new facility is expected to be completed by next June.


10 years ago — 2008

  • We all know how many years old we are but how many of us know how many days or hours old we are? If you ever feel a need for this information, you could talk with Waterville freshman Brett Toomey. Toomey has been spending his free time tinkering around with his scientific calculator and has developed a program that will tell you in detail how old you are. He has also developed a program that computes the volume of shapes, one that draws shapes and one that stores information about the periodic table of the elements. Toomey said that his next programming projects will be a game and a more developed periodic table of the elements. After getting interested in programming, Toomey said that his new career goal is to work as a programmer for Texas Instruments.
  • Months after NCW Fair exhibitors received their ribbons, it was time for the fair to receive ribbons of its own. The 2008 fair poster and T-shirt were on display, along with those from all other fairs across the state, at the Washington State Fairs Association Annual Convention held Oct. 23-25 in Yakima. Of all the fairs present, large and small, the NCW Fair received honors in the artistic poster competition, the WSFA Board’s choice for the best artistic poster and the 2008 Best of Show ribbon for T-shirt design. Design and artwork for both the fair poster and the T-shirt were done by Kyle Barnes of GO USA in Wenatchee.