Our Past | 1969: Mansfield girl moves up in Wheat Queen competition

Selected by Karen Larsen

The Washington Association of Wheat Growers wheat queen contest was a topic of an “Our Past” column some years ago. Here is another instance of a local girl moving up in the competition. This time the story comes from 1969 and was printed in the Nov. 6, 1969 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press. The Washington Association of Wheat Growers now sponsors the Wheat Ambassador, rather than the wheat queen program. In 2017, Waterville senior Lexi Deishl was one of two ambassadors chosen to represent wheat growing areas around the state.


Yvonne Poole, Douglas County Wheat Queen

Yvonne Poole, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Poole, of Mansfield, was voted Douglas County Wheat Queen, competing Saturday at Ritzville for the semifinals of the state competition. Her comments presented at a Chamber of Commerce meeting recently are as follows:

What interests me most about wheat? My health, education and future depend upon wheat.

I am 17 years old and have grown up on a farm in the small farming community of Mansfield in the heart of Douglas County. My parents are farmers and my grandparents were farmers, who homesteaded on a farm six miles north of Mansfield before 1890. With this background, I naturally became interested in wheat.

In my eight years of 4-H experiences, I learned the importance of wheat as a feed for livestock. During this time I participated in the wheat programs sponsored by the Wheat Association.

I also learned the importance of wheat on the basis of its nutritive value in our daily diet as well. Bread is essential to our health and fitness. It is basic to the diet, yet it is a social food. Recently I became involved in bread-making through my 4-H projects and won the Douglas County bread-making activity at the NCW Fair. I also won a blue ribbon at the state 4-H fair in Puyallup.

As we trace the path grain takes from the farm to the table we discover many exciting career opportunities for both boys and girls such as advanced farming, grain elevator operators, food processors, home economists, wholesalers and retailers, and many more.

I am a senior now at Mansfield High School and my plans are to apply for admission to Washington State University next fall in order to explore some of these opportunities.