Waterville/Mansfield falls to ACH

By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Waterville and Mansfield are two rural towns that have in recent years combined in sports to be able to have enough players to compete. As the Waterville/Mansfield Shockers, they play football, volleyball, boy’s and girl’s basketball, baseball, softball and boy’s and girl’s track. Almira-Coulee-Hartline also combines rural communities for prep athletics. The Shockers took to the road Oct. 26 to play the ACH Warriors. The Warriors came out on top 60-6.

The Warriors had 336 running yards, 55 passing yards, 7 touchdowns, five successful 2-point conversions, and 1 safety for 2 points.

The Shockers had 199 running yards, 3 for 3 on passing for 38 yards, and 1 touchdown run of 16 yards by Jordan Draper. The Shockers also had 2 fumbles and 8 first downs.

“The boys played hard against a very good team. And, it is always a good game when no one gets hurt,” said Waterville/Mansfield coach Mike Gray.

Shocker highlights for the game were Jordan Draper: 6 runs for 34 yards; Thomas Moser: 16 runs for 66 yards; Evan Simmons: 5 runs for 1 yard; Braylen Bromiley: 10 runs for 72 yards; and August Koulouris: 4 runs for 26 yards.

The previous week, Waterville/Mansfield played Yakama Tribal on Oct. 19.

Shocker running statistics for that game included Braylen Bromiley: 9 runs for 137 yards; Evan Simmons: 9 runs for 126 yards; Thomas Moser: 26 runs for 193 yards; Anthony Ochoa: 1 run for 10 yards; Braydon Murison: 2 runs for 7 yards; and Jordan Draper: 4 runs for 20 yards. Total rushing yards was 493. There were 7 passing attempts with 4 completions for 98 yards. The Shockers had 9 touchdowns and completed 6 of their 9 attempts for 2-point conversions. The Eagles won 86-66.

The Shockers played their final game of the season on Nov. 2 in a crossover contest with Northport. Details will be in the Nov. 15 issue of Empire Press.