Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Nov. 21

Waterville, burglary: 400 block of S. Chelan Avenue, a door on a vacant house was forced open and some items were taken from a bathroom. There was no evidence that could help determine a suspect and no value available for the missing items.

Nov. 22

Waterville, theft: 200 block of N. Chelan Avenue, a woman looked out of her window and saw three individuals in a tan sedan in the alley. A woman exited the sedan and took batteries that were stacked in the alley behind the residence. The victim said the batteries were of little value and she did not want to pursue charges.

Nov. 25

Palisades, burglary: 10 block of Palisades Road, a shop was entered sometime within the previous week and extensive damage was done to the dead bolt on the door. A toolbox and tools were missing. These were valued at $4,000.

Rimrock, burglary: 4500 block of Hackamore Drive, a property owner received an email from an employee advising of a burglary that was believed to have occurred on Nov. 23. A trailer for a boat was taken, as well as a gun safe with two rifles in it that was located in a shed. The case is still under investigation.

Nov. 26

Palisades , littering: 1700 block of Palisades Road, an unknown person dumped a pile of cinder blocks on a property over the previous weekend. The deputy located the cinder blocks and documented tracks from a vehicle that had dumped them. A second pile was located near the highway and had the same vehicle tracks leading to it. There are no leads.

Orondo, suspicious: Highway 97 and Barber Road, a Douglas County Transportation and Land Services employee was working near a sand pit located by the District 4 Fire Station when he noticed a set of mail boxes with pry tools next to them. The mailboxes appeared to be the same set that was taken from the McNeil Canyon area on Nov. 11. There are no active leads.

Waterville, littering: 10 block of Columbia River Bluffs Road, someone dumped 10 five-gallon bags full of leaves at the location about a week prior. Such dumping has been an ongoing problem. There was no way to identify a suspect.

Nov. 25

Bridgeport, drugs: following a drug investigation, Laticia Yanet Lopez-Garcia, 40, of Bridgeport, was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Lopez-Garcia was booked into Okanogan County Jail.

Nov. 28

Waterville, theft: 300 block of Sunset Highway, a woman reported that she had ordered items from Amazon that had been delivered to her but she had not received them. Amazon re-sent the merchandise.

Nov. 29

Waterville, malicious mischief: 2000 block of Road 3 S.W., a resident reported that his mailbox was pried open during the night and mail, including a credit card statement, may have been taken. He said that this was the third time that his mailbox has been broken into.

Bridgeport, no injury accident: Bridgeport High School, a delivery truck hit a dumpster, turning it over and pushing it into a wooden storage shed. The incident was recorded on video surveillance footage. Damage was estimated at $500. The driver did not notify the school of the accident. Upon contact with the delivery company, it was discovered that the driver was not aware of the accident. The company will cover the cost of the damage.