Our Past | 1984: Coach Chuck Hammond praises junior high basketball performance

Selected by Karen Larsen

This article, printed in the Dec. 27, 1984 edition of The Waterville Empire Press, tells of boys junior high basketball games against Chelan. Most Waterville residents will find some familiar names.


Waterville Junior High team ends season with win

The Waterville Junior High boy’s A and B basketball teams ended their season Tuesday, Dec. 18, with the A team beating Chelan by a score of 50-29.

The B squad lost to Chelan by 34-21.

Chad Clements played his best game of the season, coach Chuck Hammond said, shooting 42 percent and scoring 12 points to lead the Shocker A team win over Chelan.

Coach Hammond said the team played one of the best games they have played all season. “The second quarter the boys moved the ball well, really hustled on the boards, and forced many turnovers for Chelan with their press,” Hammond said. “It was a nice way to end the season.”

Other players adding to the win were Chad Viebrock with 10 points, Brian Vickery with 9 points, and Bret Hammond, Marty Hurlbut and Kevin Schmidt with 6 points each. Ken Gormley chipped in 2 points.

Coach Hammond said, in summing up the season, that there were a couple of games he wished the boys could have played better. “But the team really put out a lot of effort. I’m proud of them.”

The B team ended their season losing to Chelan by a score of 34-21.

“Chelan really has some potential in the seventh grade,” stated coach Hammond. “The boys just didn’t have one of their better games. They did play better throughout the season.”

Scoring for the Shockers were Marty Hart with 5 points, Jay Mires with 4 points, Jeff Schneider with 3 points, and Ben Tabler, Steve Whited, Boyd Petersen and Don Craig each contributing 2 points. Justin Osborne had 1 point.

Other players for Waterville were Steve Cope and Michael Koch.

Coach Hammond said that we all have something to look forward to with this group of junior high players.

“These kids should do real well in the future,” he said. “The boys all had a lot of playing time and that’s what counts. And it’s a great advantage to have the sixth-graders playing. It gives them a real head start over other teams.”

Hammond said this was the largest team he’s had in a while with 18 players and “they were a good group to work with. I really enjoyed them.”