Waterville/Mansfield hosts Liberty Bell Dec. 4

In junior varsity action, Haley Vargas makes a shot as Denisse Bravo, Joslyn Lucero and Kiara Rodriguez wait for the rebound. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Braydon Murison moves the ball for the Shocker junior varsity. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

The Waterville/Mansfield Shockers had their first home Central Washington 2B League game of the season on Dec. 4 facing the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions.

First up was the girl’s junior varsity. The Waterville/Mansfield team is young and building up skills. Liberty Bell was a very skilled team and very fast on defense as they were able to steal the ball multiple times. The Mountain Lion girls were also strong 3-point shooters. Liberty Bell won the game, 46-28.

Shocker highlights were Katelyn Donaglia,10 points; Joslyn Lucero, 7 points; Haley Vargas, 6 points; Bailey Viebrock, 3 points; and Alexa Garcia, 2 points.

The Shocker junior varsity boys were next and they, too, faced a fast Mountain Lion team. The Shockers took a loss, 39-45.

Highlights for the Waterville/Mansfield boys were Ben Hanson, 12 points; Payton Mulanax, 10 points; Eli Van Lith, 7 points; Travis Prey, 4 points; Mauricio Negrete, 2 points; Jack Katovich, 2 points; and Adolfo Vela, 2 points.


Codee Reid shoots the final score of the game for the varsity girls. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

The Shocker girl’s varsity played a great game winning by 3 points in the last four seconds. The final score was 45-42. Liberty Bell played fast and well at 3-point shots. The game was a “barn burner” with multiple tie scores throughout.

In the fourth quarter with just 11 seconds left on the clock, Elizabeth Katovich made her two free throws giving the Shockers a 1-point lead. On the inbound, the Shockers stole the ball and were fouled. Codee Reid made her two free throws giving the Shockers their 3-point lead. The Mountain Lion girls inbounded the ball and were intercepted by Codee Reid who held onto the ball for the final seconds.

Shocker statistics included Elizabeth Katovich, 15 points; Ella Osborne, 12 points; Codee Reid, 11 points; Sarah Mullen, 4 points; and Mckenna Gurnard, 3 points.


The Shocker varsity boys, who are proving to be a strong team, fought hard but came up 2 points short in their contest against the Liberty Bell. The final score was 46-44. The Shockers had  50 percent shooting from the field to the Mountain Lions 67 percent. The Shockers had 7 offensive rebounds and 16 defensive rebounds compared to 5 offensive rebounds and 22 defensive rebounds for the Mountain Lions.

Shocker highlights were Tristen Marden, 13 points and 3 rebounds; Anthony Ochoa, 11 points and 4 rebounds; Kody Angus, 9 points and 3 rebounds; Angel Lucero, 7 points and 6 rebounds; Thomas Moser, 4 points and 3 rebounds; Kyler Borden, 3 rebounds; and Mauricio Negrete, 1 rebound.


The Shocker varsity defense with Thomas Moser, Angel Lucero, Tristen Marden, Anthony Ochoa and Kyler Borden. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)