Art teacher hosts painting classes

Young artists learn beginning painting techniques from retired Mansfield School art teacher Diana Mickelson, in front. In back, from left, are Joyce McGraw, Alysha McGraw and Brielle Farrington. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)


By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Young artists and retired Mansfield School art teacher Diana Mickelson show their finished paintings of a snowman scene Jan. 19 at Pioneer Hall. From left, are Alysha McGraw, Brielle Farrington, Mickelson and Joyce McGraw. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)

Retired Mansfield School art teacher Diana Mickelson held a painting class Jan. 19 at Pioneer Hall. The class is part of an ongoing series that Mickelson will teach in the months ahead.

Mickelson taught art for 38 years and still enjoys the creative medium by sharing her artistic pursuits with others.

The step-by-step painting class, open to all ages, was?geared toward beginners?so those?with less experience could learn how to paint together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each step of the way, Mickelson explained how the colors were mixed properly and?that participants should?”wash their paint brushes each time they changed the colors.?

Mickelson?began with how to paint?a scene.

?You have to paint the sky first so it will dry before you can put the snowflakes on,? she said.??I selected the snowman scene as our winter theme.?

There were two scene choices?offered: A snowball fight or three snow people together. ?We picked the snowball fight… because there was more action,? Mickelson said.

The painting class is held every?other month at Pioneer Hall beginning at 1 p.m. and it lasts about two and a half hours. The cost is $25 per person.

?I like to pick a time that works with everyone?s schedule. Saturdays seem to work best,? Mickelson said.?A flyer?is?placed?on?the post office bulletin board about a week in advance to let people know when the class will be held.

Mickelson provides all the supplies for the class?adding,??You just bring your artistry.?

Finger foods are available at the class. ?The finger foods serve the purpose of something to do with your hands while the paint dries,? Mickelson said.

The class?proved popular and gave participants a sense of accomplishment and pride for their finished painting.

?It?s really fun. It?s fun to paint. The scenes are fun too,” said Joyce McGraw.?”I can keep my painting and feel proud to hang it on my wall.?

?It?s great to learn new painting techniques in this class,? added?Alysha McGraw.

Brielle Farrington said, ?I like that the class is taught by steps, so we get a better result.?

?I?m glad Mrs. Mickelson has the paint class so young people like me can participate as well,? Joyce McGraw added.

?There is no age limit, but I do require that they be serious about painting and want to learn,? Mickelson said. ?Young people who participate should be able to sit for?two and a half hours and produce a painting.?

?It?s always fun when people say they can?t paint and then come to one of these classes and create a painting they like. The grinning ear to ear always gets me. It?s one of the big reasons I do this. To show people??? even beginners???can paint a picture they are proud of,” Mickelson said. ?Artistic expression is a fun medium to learn, and I enjoy teaching it.?