Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Dec. 17

Rock Island, trespass: 100 block of 4th Street S.W., the reporting party located a small campfire on his property at an old smelting building and said there was a man camping there. He asked that the man be formally prohibited from returning to the property. The man was informed that he was not to be there and he left.

Dec. 19

Waterville, theft: Waterville School, a box of cheese-filled breadsticks valued at $70 was taken from a walk-in freezer in the kitchen. The box was last seen on Dec. 12. There are no suspects.

Waterville, malicious mischief: 100 block of Hummingbird Road, two mailboxes were damaged. There are no leads.

Dec. 20

Waterville, suspicious: 200 block of Walnut Street, the high school principal learned that students were entering a vacant apartment building across the street from the school. The owner of the apartment building did not want to press charges.

Dec. 21

Waterville, fraud/forgery: a man received a response to an ad he placed in a newspaper for a metal lathe. The respondent was from Texas and agreed to send a check for the lathe. The check that was received was written for more than the agreed-upon price and included instructions for how to process the check. The man called the bank from which the check was issued and learned that the check and the account were fraudulent. The reporting party had not sent the lathe and did not suffer any financial loss.

Orondo, assault: 21300 block of Highway 97, a man who works for Marson and Marson was approached by an unknown man while he was pumping gas into a company vehicle. The unknown man said he had ordered products from the company and had not received them. The employee told him that he needed to contact the company directly about this. The man would not stop confronting him about the products and finally punched him in the face. The employee punched him back. The man left in a Chevy Silverado pickup. The employee did not wish to press charges.

Bridgeport, malicious mischief: 1400 block of Douglas Avenue, a woman called to report that the vehicle of her sister, who was away on vacation, had been vandalized. The deputy arrived and found that the two left side tires had been slashed and the two left side windows shattered. The sheriff’s office is waiting for the sister to return in order to continue the investigation.

Dec. 23

Rock Island, theft: BJ’s Rock Island, the establishment reported theft of beer and provided a vehicle description and license plate of a suspect vehicle. Deputies searched for the vehicle and found it wrecked on the side of Grant Road. Jesus Martinez-Contreras, 20, of East Wenatchee, was arrested on charges of DUI and theft and booked into Chelan County Regional Justice Center.

Dec. 24

Rock Island, disturbance: 10 block of Parkway Drive, residents reported that a man had been outside screaming and yelling all night. They knew the last name of the man and had a description of him. The man was located walking in the area and was told that he was formally prohibited from returning to the property.

Bridgeport, burglary: 100 block of 6th Street, a family returned from a Christmas party to find that their bedrooms had been ransacked. There were muddy shoe prints in the house and a toilet seat had been broken off. An iPad valued at $1,000, a tablet valued at $200, a purse valued at $30, a Wells Fargo credit card, a paycheck and insurance cards were missing. The front door had remained locked, and the deputy was not able to find a point of entry. There are no leads.