Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Jan. 25

Rock Island, suspicious: 100 block of Columbia Siding Road, a trailer with a diesel fuel tank mounted on it was found on private property. It was believed to have been stolen and has been placed in safe storage until the owner can be located. There are no suspects.

Jan. 27

Bridgeport, trespass: 2400 block of Foster Creek Avenue, a woman who appeared to be intoxicated was looking through vehicle windows in the area. She was contacted and formally prohibited from being in the area. No charges were filed.

Jan. 29

Bridgeport, weapons violation: 200 block of Columbia Avenue, a deputy on patrol stopped a pickup truck that was spewing exhaust and had expired tabs. The driver had a loaded gun next to him. The deputy secured the weapon and asked to see a concealed weapon permit. The driver did not have one. He also did not have insurance or valid registration. The driver was cited for possession of a loaded pistol in a vehicle without a permit and for driving without insurance.

Jan. 31

Bridgeport, animal problem: 900 block of Maple Street, someone severely injured a dog. The dog was treated at Brewster Veterinary Clinic. A suspect was contacted, but there was no evidence that the person had been involved. The case is under investigation.

Waterville, harass/threat: 200 block of W. Ash Street, a woman reported that she was being harassed for allegedly not taking care of a dog that she had received from the suspect. The deputy checked the dog and found no problem with it. He contacted the suspect and advised him or her that if there were concerns about the dog these should be reported to animal control rather than directly to the dog owner.