Waterville Recycling Center list of recyclables has not changed

By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

Waterville Recycling will still be accepting No. 1 PETE plastic water bottles, No. 2 HDPE plastic milk jugs, tin cans and aluminum cans at least through February of 2020.

Michelsen Packaging Company, which contracts with Solid Waste of Douglas County to accept the recycling materials collected by local centers, stopped accepting these at the Central Washington Recycling Center in Wenatchee as of Feb. 1.

However the current contract between Solid Waste of Douglas County and the packaging company runs through February of 2020 and there will be no changes in what is accepted until then.

Waterville Recycling Center also accepts paper and cardboard, fluorescent tubes and rechargeable batteries.

During the spring, summer and fall it will accept metals, appliances and car batteries. This begins on April 1.

The center is open from 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Saturdays.