Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Feb. 28

Bridgeport, drugs: the sheriff’s office passed on information concerning drug activity to the Columbia River Drug Task Force.

March 2

Bridgeport Bar, vehicle theft: 10 block of Richards Avenue, a man reported that he had loaned a vehicle to an acquaintance and the acquaintance had not returned the vehicle on time. A deputy spotted the vehicle on the road the next day and stopped it. The driver, Julio Cesar Prado-Rodriguez, 27, of Brewster, was arrested on charges of theft of a motor vehicle and was booked into the Okanogan County Jail.

March 4

Bridgeport Bar, suspicious: 10 block of Buckingham Alley, there were reports that someone had been at an abandoned house. The deputy investigated and noted tire tracks and footprints in the snow. Someone had also shoveled away snow in order to gain access to the house. Sheriff’s office personnel have not yet been able to make contact with the homeowner.

March 6

Bridgeport Bar, no injury accident: Crane Orchard Road and Highway 173, a man reported that his pickup truck was struck in the rear by a golden-colored van at a stop sign. The driver’s side rear bumper was damaged and the tail light cover was broken out. The driver of the van had pulled over and had promised to pay for the damage, but did not want law enforcement to be notified of the accident. When the driver insisted on reporting the accident, the driver of the van left the scene. The victim knew who the driver was and guided the deputy to the van that had been involved in the accident. Damage to the van was consistent with the damage noted on the pickup truck. The driver was located and issued citations for following too close, driving without a valid license, and hit and run on an attended vehicle.

March 7

Bridgeport, animal problem: 1700 block of Raymond Avenue, a man became frightened when two Doberman Pinscher dogs ran out to him. The man said that that the dogs did not do anything aggressive. The incident was reported to Bridgeport Animal Control.