Our Past | 1994: Boys play in B championship game

Selected by Karen Larsen

This article was published in the March 10, 1994 edition of The Empire Press. Players whose first and last names are mentioned in the article include Phillip Johnson, Keith Mires, Mark Brandt, Ryan Nelson, Derek Whitehall and Kevin Daling.


Coming home a winner

By Vickie Hammond

The Waterville Shockers boys basketball team realized a dream on Saturday, March 6 as they stepped onto the basketball court of the coliseum for the State B Championship game against the Northwest Christian Crusaders.

For the previous 24 hours, disbelief seemed to be the most prevalent emotion among fans and parents. Not the kind of disbelief that comes with a surprise over something that shouldn’t or couldn’t happen, but the kind that comes because it takes time for the reality to sink in.

It was the reality that years of dedication, hard work and love of a sport finally reaps a reward — although intangible.

And as the boys stepped on the court, we believed — just as they had — that the dream could be theirs. And even though the Shockers lost, 54-57, in a heart-breaking overtime loss, the dream that someday they would be on that court in a championship game was theirs. It was realized and no one will ever forget it.

And as coach Worthen will tell you, the pain of losing a game like that will get better. It will only take 45-50 years.

In reviewing the game, Worthen noted the officiating to be a factor that hurt the Shockers.

He went on to note that the Shockers had a great tournament, “They gave it everything they had — they have nothing to hang their heads about. They achieved more than anyone thought imaginable.”

He added, “I’m just super proud of them. They worked so hard all summer and during the year and it paid off — I don’t think anyone thought they’d be playing for the gold ball, and they nearly had their hands on it. What a great year!”