Teens in foster care need families, too

By Hayley Stoebner

Does the very thought of having a teenager in your home make you shudder with fear? You are not alone! The teen years can be trying for parents and caregivers (not to mention for the teens themselves), but those years can be triumphant as well!

Teenagers experience tremendous growth and change (physically, intellectually, morally, spiritually, socially and emotionally) during this stage of development. Teens strive to determine their identities and values, learn how to make their own decisions, and ultimately work to create separation from their families. Many adults think that teens no longer want or need their guidance but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Adolescents need parents even more during this developmental stage in order to guide them into a healthy adulthood. Teenagers who are in foster care are no exception. They need individuals and families to become foster parents to nurture and support them.

Do you have what it takes to foster or adopt a teen? Supports are available to help meet the youth’s needs such as medical and dental insurance, financial assistance (foster care rates and adoption subsidies), case management services, etc.

Contact FosteringWA at (877) 620-5748, email fosteringWA@ewu.edu or find us online at sites.ewu.edu/fosteringwa/contact to learn more.


Hayley Stoebner, MSSW, is FosteringWA recruitment coordinator for Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Adams counties.