Animal clinic at Mansfield

Dr. Mike Isenhart administers a vaccination to Scout during the veterinary clinic held March 16 at Mansfield City Hall. Clinic assistant Renee Bayless steadies Scout while Raelynn Bayless watches. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)


By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Brewster Veterinary Clinic came to Mansfield March 16 to hold its annual immunization clinic for dogs and cats.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Mike Isenhart, DVM, has administered yearly vaccinations and booster shots at a reduced rate for local residents.

“Keeping pets current on their vaccinations and booster shots — especially rabies shots — keeps our pets, and our pet owners safe,” said Mansfield City Clerk Tricia Sima. “We appreciate Dr. Mike coming up here every year to provide this important service to our local pet owners.”

Some pets don’t ride well in a car, or there may be several dogs and cats in a household that need shots and the clinic makes the process much easier for both the pets and their owners.

“It’s less of a drive and less stress on the pets. Some pets get car sick or have anxiety riding in vehicles, so this is a way to give pets that are sensitive to travel an easier option for getting their shots,” clinic assistant Renee Bayless said.

“I do this to make shot maintenance easier for Mansfield pet owners,” Isenhart added.

Responsible pet ownership is important for small communities, because viruses like rabies and parvo are both preventable when pets are properly immunized.

“We’re seeing a lot more parvo than in recent years and that means more exposure to the virus, especially in small towns. Yearly vaccinations keep your pets safe,” Isenhart said.

Local residents who participate in the clinic help keep Mansfield in compliance with state and federal laws regarding rabies vaccinations, according to Sima.

“We had approximately 21 pets come for vaccinations this year,” Bayless said. The event was held at city hall.

“It is important to be a good neighbor and keep your dogs, cats and ferrets current on their shot schedule and — after all these years — the vet clinic is a Mansfield tradition,” Isenhart said.

Diana Mickelson brought her cat Lina in for her shots.

“We love having our vet come here,” Mickelson said. “Our two cats are not happy for any car ride, so this saves us a great deal of meowing for well cat checks and the shots our cats need.”

Brewster Veterinary Clinic has a new feature called Pet Desk where clients can go online to see if their pet is up to date on shots, and find the results of lab work.

“It’s a great help if a pet owner is out of town and wants to know the results of their lab work or their pet’s vaccination history,” Isenhart said.

Brewster Veterinary Clinic is open from to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon  on Saturdays. It is located at 21 Brewster Grange Road.

For more information, contact the clinic at 689-2616 or visit