Thespians perform winning plays

Z.A. Jones (Rosemary Holcomb) is excited to find a Wi-fi connection as he rides with his brother Davy Jones (Megan Moreno) and his father John Jones (Marie Bond) in their “robin’s egg blue convertible.” (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

Z.A. Jones (Rosemary Holcomb) is happy in the idyllic scene the family finds through the rabbit hole. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)

The culmination of a completely homespun production was realized Feb. 22-23 as Waterville Players performed the two plays that won last summer’s playwriting contest organized by the group. The plays included “Lost and Found” by Maiya Lester, the 11-year-old granddaughter of local residents Tom and Diane Petersen, and “When All Danger of Frost is Past” by local resident Gloria Bond.

The cast also performed two songs — a rap song called “Bully Boy” with an anti-bullying theme, and the song “Water!” which sang the praise of this life-giving molecule. The songs were provided by Colley/CANDO Productions of Freeland and written by Linda Colley.

Al (Cody Shiflett), the owner and cook at Al’s Diner, looks on as townspeople, including Jasmin Lowe in the forefront, eat their meal. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)

Lester and her family traveled from Issaquah to watch the performance of her play. “Lost and Found” was about three orphans who lived in unhappy conditions under their mean orphanage mother. They discovered they were siblings and that their mother was going to take them back. When the mother arrived, the family was happily reunited.

After the performance, Lester said, “I was happy that it worked. It was funny how they acted it out. They are really good.”

“When All Danger of Frost is Past” told the story of a family that relocated to a dilapidated farmhouse that provided access through a rabbit hole to an alternative and idyllic world run by Artificial Intelligence.

The tech theme resonated quite well with the younger generation, Gloria Bond said. She and her daughter, Marie, had been working with the cast — most of whom were Waterville Elementary School students — every day afterschool since Jan. 8.

Bond helped behind the scenes on Feb. 22 and didn’t get to see the play, but she made arrangements to have others do the scene and costume changes on Feb. 23 so that she could enjoy the play.

“The kids were amazing,” Bond said. “They did it all really. They were the ones that just took the ball and started playing.”

The board of directors for Waterville Players is composed of Jessie Swider, Jessica Shiflett, Cathy Clark, Karen Sims, Gloria Bond, Marie Bond, Suzanne Robinson and James Robinson.

Sponsors for the production included the Lester family, Barbara Lowe (Lashaunda’s Garden), two anonymous donors, the Cascade High School Drama Department and Amy Larsen.

Many people helped with the production, including the board members, Cory Shiflett, Jordan Drapper, Ethan Larsen and Barbara Lowe.

For more information about Waterville Players, see the group’s Facebook page.