Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

May 4

Rock Island, vehicle theft: 1500 block of Ohio Street, a 14-foot flatbed utility trailer was taken from the location between April 15 and April 25. There are no suspects.

May 5

Palisades, trespass: 10 block of Douglas Creek Road, a trespassing incident was reported, but then resolved by the landowner before law enforcement arrived.

May 6

Bridgeport, property: Quik E Mart, a cellphone left at the establishment was found to be missing when the owner returned to retrieve it. The phone was tracked to a nearby residence from which it was recovered. No charges were pursued.

May 7

Trinidad, harass/threat: Highway 28, a man reported that on April 30 he was headed toward Quincy when he passed a vehicle going the opposite direction driven by a person with whom he had a conflict. The person in the vehicle gave an obscene gesture and yelled at him. The deputy determined that since there was no anti-harassment order in place, no crime had been committed.

Bridgeport, burglary: 700 block of Columbia Avenue, neighbors had witnessed a shop being broken into. A middle school-aged boy came out of the shop and one of the neighbors confronted the boy and asked what he was doing. He said he was just hanging out. The victim was able to identify some things that had been taken. The suspect was identified and contacted. He admitted to taking a butane bottle and smashing it at a neighbor’s house. Another suspect was also identified. The victim did not want to pursue charges.

May 8

Waterville, harass/threat: Waterville School, one second-grader apparently made an inappropriate comment to another second-grader. The second-grader to whom the comment was directed reported it to his or her parents. One of the parents came to the school and confronted the other second-grader directly. This parent was advised that the school may formally prohibit him or her from returning to school grounds.

Orondo, injury accident: Browns Canyon Road, a man reported that he had been driving up the canyon when an older model white pickup truck came down, driving in the middle of the roadway. The incident caused the man to lose control of his vehicle, which ended up overturned in a ditch by the side of the road. A friend saw him there and gave him a ride home. The victim appeared injured and said that he would like medical aid. He was transported to Central Washington Hospital. The accident scene was investigated and it was found that there was substantial damage to the vehicle and that the air bags had been deployed. There are no suspects.

May 9

Waterville, burglary: 800 block of E. Locust Street, a house was ransacked during the day, resulting in items strewn around, a television valued at $450 knocked over and broken and the back door damaged. Three cats were also missing. It was unclear whether the cats had been taken or had run away. One of them was a calico, one was a white cat and one was black and brown. The case is inactive pending leads.