Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

May 10

Rock Island, accident unknown: 1500 block of Ohio Street, a gray Nissan 4-door truck crashed into a field and then drove out of it. The only damage to the property was that one fence post was loose. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

May 12

Waterville, vehicle prowl: NCW Fairgrounds, a wallet was stolen from a parked vehicle. The contents of the wallet included $400 in cash, an identification card and insurance cards. The case is inactive pending leads.

Bridgeport Bar, vehicle theft: 10 block of McCormack Street, a woman reported that a known person had taken her vehicle without permission. She called back the next day to say that the vehicle had been located. The woman did not want to press charges.

Rock Island, drugs: a man who had recently purchased a vehicle from a private party called to report that he had found a plastic bag in the vehicle filled with what appeared to be drugs. The contents of the bag were confirmed to be crystal methamphetamine. The bag was taken into evidence to be destroyed.

Palisades, trespass: 300 block of Palisades Road, a property owner reported that two men were on his or her property shooting and killing groundhogs. A description of the men involved and a vehicle description were provided, but the deputy was unable to locate the vehicle or the men.

Withrow, harass/threat: 600 block of Silico Street, a woman reported that her young son said that a neighbor had threatened to kill the family dog. The woman was informed on the process of obtaining anti-harassment and restraining orders. The neighbor was contacted and reported that his friend had been bitten by the dog. The neighbor was advised that he should use pepper spray if attacked by the dog before resorting to using a weapon. Other neighbors reported additional problems with the dog. The neighbors were advised to contact the Humane Society if they should experience problems again.

May 13

Bridgeport, animal problem: 2000 block of Monroe Avenue, a German Shepherd jumped a fence and exhibited threatening behavior toward a number of people. A city employee was able to herd the dog back into its yard. The sheriff’s office is working with Bridgeport Animal Control to identify the dog’s owner.

Bridgeport Bar, trespass: 500 block of Highway 173, a resident advised that a subject who had been staying at the residence had outstanding warrants. The subject was taken into custody on the warrants and was booked into the Okanogan County Jail.

May 14

Bridgeport, property: Douglas Avenue and 10th Street, a man reported that an orange push mower had been left in an orchard in which he was working. Sheriff’s office personnel checked local records and found an incident of an orange mower that had been taken. The mower was taken to the victim in that incident who identified it and it was returned.