Our Past | 1960: Boys put experienced anglers to shame

This article from the May 5, 1960 edition of Waterville Empire-Press is a story of a successful adventure in Douglas Creek for two young anglers. Izaak Walton, named in the title, was a 17th Century English writer who was best known for the work called “The Compleat Angler,” which included prose and poetry on the topic of fishing.

Junior Izaak Waltons Top Veteran Fishermen

Herman Daling and Roy Osborne sported long and sad faces yesterday morning. Veteran fishermen, they were outdone and outfished by a couple of youngsters who are not even teenagers.

Ron Tomyn, 12, son of Mrs. Sonny Jones, and Dick Osborne, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborne, did a little fishing on their own. Taking their bicycles Tuesday after school, they went out to Louis Case’s place this side of Douglas and started fishing in Douglas Creek. Most folks haven’t even bothered to fish there since the 1948 flood which washed out the railroad and the highway.

The boys hadn’t been there long before they hit the jackpot. Ron Tomyn caught a 3 lb., 19½ inch rainbow, and shortly after, Dick Osborne brought in an 18½ inch, 2 lb. rainbow — out of the same hole. The estimate is the fish are about 4 years old. They are now on display at Waterville Meat Market.

Once on the road and homeward bound, the boys were stopped by a couple of Jameson Lake fishermen enroute home to Seattle. They didn’t have such luck so they offered to buy the fish from the boys.

The answer from Dick Osborne was quick and to the point.

“No sir, we won’t sell these fish. If I didn’t bring them home my dad wouldn’t believe I even caught them.”

It’s our understanding that several adults are out at the hole today. Maybe they will trade in their boats for a bicycle. Moral of the fishing story — maybe there’s “acres of diamonds” in good fat rainbow right in our own backyard.