Our Past | 1951: Boy Scout troop excels in ‘Camporee’

This article from the June 7, 1951 edition of Waterville Empire-Press tells about the local Boy Scout troop’s participation in a camping contest. Camping trips are always more fun when one is prepared and has good camping skills. I bet these boys grew up to pass the love of camping on to the next generation.

Scouts Place 2nd at Scout-a-Vista

Over last weekend, eight boys from the local Scout troop in competition with 250 scouts from all parts of the North Central Washington Council were named as the second-highest ranking patrol in the annual Camporee held at Scout-a-Vista.

The boys making the trip were members of the Kit Carson patrol which is led by David Parry, and includes Nyle Barnes, Terry Sutor, John Gollahon, Jerry Viebrock, Ray Lawrence, John Frye and Mike Hopewell. The competition for the ribbons consisted of two parts with the main emphasis on camping proficiency and on Scout skills in the “Adventure Trail” with points scored for knot tying, a rope climb, first aid relay, message relay, a compass problem, and the pancake flip-flop.

The boys were judged on their camping ability from the time they arrived until all packs were ready for departure. The menus, camp cleanliness, camp set-up, neatness of packs, and group morale and participation were all considered. The patrols were rated as class A, B or C campers, and our boys not only received the class A ribbon, but also the distinction of being the second-highest rated patrol in the encampment.

Much credit should be given to the boys for great cooperation and enthusiasm, and for the hard work put in to prepare and practice for this event. Also to the men of the community who assisted. Mr. Jack Sutor who took the boys up to camp and stayed over the first night, and Mr. Parry for his constant interest in the group and for transportation back on Sunday.