Our Past | 1948: Waterville has enough with Daylight Saving Time

Selected by Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

If you think it is confusing enough to change between Pacific Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time twice a year, think about how it would be if different towns and cities were operating on different times. Then think what it would be like if the postal service and transportation systems chose freely which of the times to follow. I guess this must have worked better in 1948 than it would today. This article comes from the Aug. 5, 1948 edition of The Waterville Empire-Press.

Standard Time Back Sunday Night

At their regular meeting Monday evening, the town council passed a resolution to go back on Standard Time starting Sunday night at midnight.

This action was taken because of protests from the Grange and other farmers, who state that Daylight Saving Time is inconvenient to farming operations, and because of the fact that in all small towns, the mail service and train service are operating on Standard Time. The larger towns and cities of the state are still on Daylight Saving Time. Don’t forget to set the clock back one hour next Sunday night.