Our Past | 1969: New Waterville school building almost completed

Selected by Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

This article, from the July 17, 1969 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press, tells of progress on the construction of Waterville’s school building. According to the book “Beginnings,” the building — which is the one that is currently in use — was completed in 1969 and classes were held there in the fall of that year. The previous school building — which had been constructed in 1913 — was demolished in 1970.

New School Here Will Be Completed by Sept. 15

The completion date of the new Waterville school building was moved up to Sept. 15 during a progress meeting between representatives of the prime contractors, architect and school officials held on the construction site Wednesday morning.

Wally Sharpe, job superintendent for the general contractor, estimates the total project is 70 percent complete with all trades substantially ahead of the schedule set early last spring.

It is anticipated that all elementary classes, including kindergarten, will begin school on Sept. 3 in their new surroundings. Kitchen facilities and the instructional materials center will also be in operation. The new high school wing will be occupied last.

A major problem still facing the general contractor will be the demolition and disposal of the old school building. Original planning called for the building demolition during the summer of 1970. It is now planned to begin removal immediately following the move to the new building.

As of July 16, construction crews have been on the job 110 days. Employment has run as high as 40 men. Considering that last winter’s long layoff lasted for 76 working days, it is quite remarkable and a tribute to the men in the various trades involved that this project is so near completion at this date.