Our Past | 1985: Wheat Wives looks ahead to fair

Selected by Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

This article, from the July 18, 1985 edition of the Waterville Empire Press, encourages women to help promote the wheat industry by joining Wheat Wives. It also tells about some plans for the fair, including plans to hold a sack-sewing contest. It sounds like it might have been the first year for the group to run their cinnamon roll booth at the fair, although it is hard to tell for sure. The cinnamon roll sale continues to be a popular attraction at the NCW Fair.

Wheat Wives Looking for New Members

The Douglas County Wheat Wives are looking to expand their membership.

“We’re a small group doing a big job,” said Clarice Ludeman. “We need more members to help us promote this main and important industry of our area.”

This year the group plans to have a booth at the NCW Fair where they sell homemade cinnamon rolls and dispense information about the wheat industry in this area.

Help manning the booth is needed, especially as there will be longer hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. this year.

People who can help with the booth, who might not necessarily want to join Wheat Wives, are asked to call Clarice.

Clarice also said that now is the time to collect wheat for wheat sheaves for the fair.

This year there will be a junior division for young people to enter sheaves.

Clarice said that in the 1984 fair book there is information on preparing wheat for weaving and sheaves.

“We’re concerned that sack-sewing will be a lost art if young folks aren’t encouraged to learn to do it,” Clarice said. “So we are having a sack-sewing contest for any age at the Grain Growers booth on Sunday.”

Kids are encouraged to learn how to sew sacks now and practice.