Swim team hosts WRAC

Madyson Regallie takes off from the starting platform during the Waterville H2O swim team’s meet on July 11 as her teammates look on. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Waterville’s H2O swim team hosted its first swim meet of the season on July 11 against the Wenatchee Racquet & Athletic Club.

This was the fourth meet that the team has participated in this summer. H2O has competed at Ephrata, Leavenworth and Cashmere.

Third year head coach Samantha Fletcher had 43 swimmers participating. Assistant coach is Julie Tonseth and team helper is Darlene Judkins.

WRAC head coach Shelby McCreary brought 95 swimmers to the plateau. This is McCreary’s first year as head coach.

“Last year I was a helper. This year, I am their coach,” McCreary said. Assisting McCreary was high school student Hanna Patterson.

Waterville’s results are as follows:


100-yard medley relay (8 and under): Lauren Adams, Kynlee Daling Paisley DeFord, Brooke Kopta, 4th

200-yard medley relay (13-14): Mya DeFord, Elsie Munson, Madyson Regallie, 2nd

25-yard backstroke (8 and under): Brooke Kopta, 3rd

50-yard backstroke (9-10): Alexis Palmquist, 3rd

50-yard backstroke (11-12): Hanna Nelson Hanna, 1st; Finley Brandt, 2nd

50-yard backstroke (13-14): Madyson Regallie, 3rd

25-yard breaststroke (8 and under): Kynlee Daling, 3rd

25-yard butterfly (8 and under): Paisley DeFord, 2nd

50-yard butterfly (9-10): Elsa Ashley, 3rd

50-yard butterfly (11-12): Mya DeFord, 3rd

50-yard butterfly (13-14):  Elsie Munson, 2nd

25-yard freestyle (8 and under): Brooke Kopta, 1st

50-yard freestyle (9-10): Alexis Palmquist, 3rd

50-yard freestyle (11-12): Hanna Nelson, 1st; Mya DeFord, 2nd; Finley Brandt, 3rd; Rylann Lewis, 4th; Holly Finkbeiner, 5th

100-yard freestyle relay (11-12): Mya DeFord, Holly Finkbeiner, Rylann Lewis, Hanna Nelson, 1st


100-yard medley relay (11-12): Branson Barnes, Nathaniel Clune, Kahle Daling, Hans Tonseth, 3rd

25-yard backstroke (8 and under): Timothy Tonseth, 1st

50-yard backstroke (9-10): Nathaniel Clune, 1st; Wyatt Williams, 2nd

50-yard backstroke (15-18): Cooper Hall, 1st

50-yard breaststroke (9-10): Ty Nelson, 3rd

50-yard breaststroke (11-12): Hans Tonseth, 3rd

50-yard freestyle (8 and under): Zach Schneider, 2nd; Duke Hutchinson, 3rd

50-yard freestyle (9-10): Branson Barnes, 2nd

100-yard freestyle (9-10): Branson Barnes, 1st; Kahle Daling, 3rd

100-yard freestyle (15-18): Cooper Hall, 1st

50-yard butterfly (9-10): Branson Barnes, 2nd

50-yard butterfly (15-18): Cooper Hall, 1st

100-yard freestyle relay (11-12): Branson Barnes, Nathaniel Clune, Kahle Daling, Hans Tonseth, 2nd

Waterville Lions Club members once again provided grilled hamburgers at the meet as a fundraiser.

The final home meet of the season is July 18 against Quincy.