Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Aug. 16

East Wenatchee, scam: a man received emails and bills asking for payment for computer repair services that he had not agreed to. There were no financial losses.

East Wenatchee, fraud/forgery: a woman reported that someone had tried to open numerous credit cards using her maiden name. There were no financial losses, but the woman is working to resolve the identity theft issue.

Aug. 17

East Wenatchee, suspicious: 0 block of Rock Island Grade Road, there was a report of an abandoned vehicle by the side of the road. The incident transitioned into a search and rescue and the driver of the vehicle was found about a mile away in the brush. He was brought back safely and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

East Wenatchee, assault: 2500 block of Highway 28, a man reported being punched by two other men during a scheduled child custody exchange. No medical care was required. The two assailants were issued citations for fourth-degree assault.

Aug. 18

Waterville, suspicious: a parent complained that an unknown person had taken photos of her children by Highway 2 Brew. The person who took the photos was contacted and reported being a street photographer. He voluntarily deleted the photos and apologized for taking them.

Aug. 20

Rock Island, water rescue: Highway 28 Milepost 7, there was a report that a boat had struck a log and was taking on water. Sheriff’s office patrols arrived along with patrols from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. The boat was found being towed up river by another civilian boat, with all occupants safe. The sheriff’s office completed a state accident report for a boat collision.

Aug. 21

East Wenatchee, theft: 100 block of 19th Street N.W., a county Transportation and Land Services crew left a county truck on the road unlocked and with the keys in the ignition after completing work for the evening. Someone moved the truck to another location and a fuel pump was taken out of the back of the truck. A portable radio was taken out of the cab. There are no suspects.

Mansfield, assault: 10 block of E. 1st Street, two subjects claimed that another subject pulled a knife on them. The deputy contacted all of the parties and found that there had been a scuffle and both sides made claims of weapons being drawn. The stories were contradictory and the case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Aug. 22

East Wenatchee, theft: S. Quincy Avenue and Rock Island Road, an orange Rears power blast orchard sprayer was taken from the location sometime within the previous two days. The sprayer is insured for $5,700. There are no suspects.

East Wenatchee, suspicious: 3200 block of N.W. Alan Avenue, there was a report of a man taking parts, including a license plate, off one motorcycle and putting them on another. When the deputy arrived, the man had left the location on one of the motorcycles. The deputy ran the VIN number of the motorcycle that was left at the location and could not find any record of it. The deputy learned the name of the man from the reporting party and found that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The man returned to the location sometime later and the deputy arrived and arrested him on the warrant and booked him into jail.