Our Past | 1996: City hall gets a new look after library move

Selected by Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

The library just made a move last year and townspeople have been positive about the new location. Those who were living in Waterville in 1996 — and before — will remember an even earlier library location at town hall.

Diana Vickery, who was the deputy clerk/treasurer at the time, said that before the library moved the building inspector had office space in the shop, and the mayor had space back by the kitchen area. The library consisted of just books, with no table for children to use for crafts and no attractive play areas as the next two libraries have had.

“It was pretty crowded,” Vickery said, describing the move as a win-win situation for both the library and town hall.

The article comes from the Aug. 15, 1996 edition of the Douglas County Empire Press.

Everyone pleased with ‘new’ Waterville City Hall

By Jim Rogers

City hall did not move to a new location last month, they just expanded their space.

When the public library moved in July to the new location on Chelan Street, the city took advantage of the new space — giving office space for the mayor, planning and zoning, and the building inspector.

“Everybody seems to be very pleased with the new arrangement,” said Mable Knowles (clerk/treasurer). “There is so much more space; we’re all thrilled.”

The city had the carpet shampooed and the walls painted. They put in a new drafting table. The city is very appreciative of the table built by Wayne Rock.

“The space looks professional,” said Diana Vickery (deputy clerk/treasurer).

The space also makes the work of the city more professional and not so crowded. The council chambers are still in the same place. You just have a different feeling when you come into city hall now.