Waterville and Bridgeport get state infrastructure loans

NCW — Sewer system improvements in Waterville and a second water reservoir in Bridgeport are among 30 projects across the state receiving infrastructure loans from the state Public Works Board.

The board awarded a $900,000 construction loan to Waterville and a $180,000 pre-construction loan to Bridgeport. Statewide, the board has awarded over $85 million.

“We’ve got some pipes that are leaking surface water into the system, and we want to try to correct that,” by lining or replacing pipes, Waterville Mayor Royal DeVaney said.

“We’ve got about 3,000 feet of pipe that we need to be looking at and see what we can do to upgrade it. Bottom line is, in the future, we need to upgrade our lagoons that we have. But that’s going to take quite a bit of money. It’s going to take $4 million to $6 million to do that.”

As of Aug. 9, DeVaney said he hasn’t received any written agreements so he’s not sure yet what exactly will be done with the money or a timeframe for work. However, it’ll be at least spring before it starts, he said.

Bridgeport Public Works Director Stuart Dezellem said the $180,000 loan will cover design for the reservoir. The city will analyze its water system to determine the appropriate size, elevation and location.

He said the Public Works Board was also a major contributor for the city’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

“It’s a great agency to work with,” he said. “The interest rates are really, really competitive. Bridgeport will probably be down in the one-half of a percent on the payback (for this loan), so it’s just a great use of funds to help with infrastructure for small communities like Bridgeport.”